Artist Statement

I explore cultural forms of memory and representations of historical trauma. Transnational in scope, my current work is informed by border-related violence that have occurred in different parts of the world. I seek to connect seemingly disparate geopolitical contexts, because I believe that it is important to bring bridges into being even when it seems untenable to do so. Collective memory of communities and nations provides the viscera with which I build these bridges in my work. Installed in experiential environments, these large-scale sculptures and site-sensitive installations reference the body and function as mobile and temporary memorials. I think of my works as “memory sculptures”, an eloquent term coined by cultural scholar, Andreas Huyssen. As an interdisciplinary artist, I migrate between fibers, paper, clay, paint, drawing, and photography. My studio practice is informed equally by material sensibilities as well as current cultural discourses of diaspora and migration, post-colonial theory, and feminist and queer theory. This eclecticism anchors my art practice and my understanding of the worlds I inhabit.